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This was my first year attending this event.  The day was damp, cool, cloudy and quite windy.  But it didn't rain!  I flew a couple of routines for the crowd. My first ever public demonstration for a crowd of more than 3.  I think you could see my knees knocking.  All in all I had a wonderful day and will be back in years to come. Anyways here's some pictures.  Thanks to Jim Anes for the pictures

Click the image to see the full size.

Team "Spirits In The Wind" getting ready to start.

Ardith Quanbury flying two stunt kites at the same time.

Dru Neilson and Vaino Raun Flying stacks of 12 Dyna kites

The NWR Kite Arch

The Grand Ascension

A Large Load of Line Laundry (say that 3 times fast)

Clipper ship